32 Murray Street

Since 8 July 1880

On 8 July 1880, William Alexander Finlay and Arthur Denison Watchorn opened the legal practice of Finlay & Watchorn at 32 Murray Street in Hobart.  The firm has subsequently been known by various names as the partnership has changed. Most recently in the 1970s and early 1980s it was known as Finlay Blackwood when Graham Gordon Blackwood AM, former Commodore and life member of the Squadron, was its principal.  Since Graham's untimely death in 1983, the firm has been known by its current name of Finlay Watchorn.

In the early 1980s the firm renewed its connection with the locale of Graham Blackwood's early yachting success when it opened an office in Kingston. Then, after 130 years of occupation, the firm severed its connection with the Murray Street premises in 2010 and now trades solely from the Kingston office. 

Finlay Watchorn occupies a proud place in the commercial and legal history of Hobart and Tasmania with former partners serving as State Attorney-General, Magistrates and Judges. Over the years we have provided the community with distinguished service and have worked hard to earn and keep the respect for which we are known. 

Finlay & Watchorn

On 8 July 1880, the law firm of Finlay & Watchorn was founded by William Alexander Finlay and Arthur Denison Watchorn in a modest 2-storey Victorian Building at 32 Murray Street, Hobart. In the early 1980s the firm opened an office at Kingston in the rapidly expanding municipality of Kingborough and since 2010 the firm has been wholly based in Kingston.

Online or In Person

Our office is in Kingston, but you do not need to come to Kingston to instruct us. We regularly meet with clients online by Zoom or Microsoft Teams and can arrange home or hospital visits where necessary. If you do wish to visit, we have free client parking immediately behind our premises.